Outside activities

Activities organised by CILFA’s teachers:

In addition to French lessons, enrich your experience of the French language and culture, by joining in a range of recreational, cultural and linguistic activities organized by the teachers.

These activities serve to enrich students’ classroom experience by giving them exposure to the surrounding attractions of Annecy. They provide new opportunities for students to practice their French language in various settings.

The teacher in charge of the activity makes sure that every student actively participates in using the French language.

During the university year, a two-hour activity is organised every week. In the summer, the number of activities is larger: 5 hours a week.

Examples of educational activities:

  • A guided tour of Annecy
  • “Café voyages” : presentations and discussions about travelling
  • A presentation of various Savoyard cheeses and wines followed by a tasting
  • Mountain hike on foot or with snowshoes
  • A meal to discover French gastronomy or a meal to discover regional specialities
  • Practice playing a typically French game : la pétanque
  • A visit to a castle, the Bell Museum or the Alpine Lake Observatory
  • A film in a cinema followed by a debate in a café
  • Cook and taste a French recipe
  • Cruise on Lake Annecy to get a sense of the surroundings mountains and villages
  • A visit to a farm where “reblochon” (cheese from Savoie) is made
  • “Café actualités” : to examine some of the differences between the French and the
    foreign press
  • Entertainment or exhibition according to the town’s cultural programme
  • A bicycle tour along Lake Annecy with discussion of cycling in France and abroad
  • A visit to a natural site in Annecy’s surroundings
  • A trip to Chambéry…


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During the summer, in addition to the activities listed, a four-day bicycle journey: “La CilfaCyclette”, is organised by a teacher. The aim is to practice French while discovering the beautiful area.

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