From October, CILFA’s free workshops are back! Come and discover our pronunciation and discussion workshops!

Each year, from October to June, in addition to French language courses and DELF preparation courses, CILFA offers free workshops to give students the opportunity to practice pronunciation and discussion.

Pronunciation workshop

Pronunciation workshops are organised on Tuesday afternoons (October to June). Each session is structured around problematic sounds in the French language and helps students with listening and pronunciation. The teacher usually offers students a more personalized computer session afterwards.

Discussion workshop

Discussion workshops are offered on Thursday afternoons (October to June). A topic is chosen by the teacher and students have the opportunity to chat in small groups and / or together in order to feel more comfortable with the French language.


CILFA’s other free services

In addition to pronunciation and discussion workshops, CILFA offers the following free services:


  • Library: all year round, you can borrow books appropriate for your level (grammar and vocabulary books, easy-to-read French novels, etc.) and DVDs with French subtitles from the school library.


  • CILFA offers students coffee and tea Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the cafeteria


  • Tutoring (October to June – Mondays from 12:15 to 13:15): if you experience any language difficulties, a teacher is available for you.


  • WIFI is free for CILFA students


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