Language : română

Flavia POP, Roumaine

Pentru cei ce doresc sã învețe sau sã sã-și aprofundeze cunoștințele în limba francezã recomand CILFA. Profesori comunicativi și bine pregãtiți, iar metodele didactice de nota 10 (foarte diversificate, inovative și distractive). Nu veți fi dezamãgiți !!! Curaj și mult noroc !

Eva BARABAS, Hongroise

Most of us who have learned foreign languages, we know the feeling of an inner « barrier » on « expressing ourselves » when it came about to speak. At CILFA, this wasn’t a problem. In small groups, into a familiar, caring atmosphere, with well sized homeworks and after class meetings, we could sense how day by day we are opening ourselves, knowing each other, building up friendships, exactly on that way as we are ! And we made all this with a lot of fun, by savouring the pleasure of communication… In the classroom and outside of it, in the splendid city of Annecy, with small coffeehouses and restaurants! « L’addition s’il vous plait!  » 🙂 I miss you guys! See you, hopefully, next summer !!